Welcome to the official Mascott Direct website – Home of Ornamental Chess sets.

We have been making chess sets in our quiet corner of Somerset for over 30 years. In fact we are probably the last remaining manufacturer and wholesaler of ornamental chess sets that are still made in the UK.  Most of our range of over 40 different themes, is exclusive to ourselves. Using several different sculptors from both the UK and USA, we have been able to create a fresh and original look to each set. 

The sets are all hand-made. From the original sculpture of a piece, a mould is made, and a master piece produced. From this master another mould is made to make the production piece. This is made from a mixture of crushed marble and resin that is poured into the mould. Once the piece has set, it is then hand stained and finished, or prepared for painting by one of our team of skilled painters.

To complement our own range of chess sets, we also import some boards from Italy and Spain, along with some wooden sets from Poland and India.